I'm Sourfruit
I engineer, snowboard, play polo, develop software, fly planes and sometimes surf.

I've started SaaS startups and worked on systems that have millions of users, save lives, and improve humankind's quality of life. On the other hand, some are just fun and pointless. Usually, these achievements are never connected to the Sourfruit pseudonym.

Currently, I occasionally build random passion projects, attempt to implement AI into everything, rant on Twitter, and enjoy life around the world.
Comparison is a thief of joy.
Discover a random
project of mine
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A project laser-focused on designing, manufacturing, and launching satellites, while making them tiny yet practical.
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A developer-oriented email service created to make sending emails from applications less annoying, and cheaper.
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A free, lightweight, private analytics service without the Orwellian surveillance.
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RC Cybertruck
A Mattel 1:10 RC Cybertruck modified to drive itself, or to be controlled via the web app.
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An application to place bets on whether or not a flight will arrive late to its destination.
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A competitor to GPT-3, built in less than year while being better when judged by most metrics.
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An app to simply create and share Christmas wishlists. It usually gets updated every holiday season and used to be called PikaList.
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Pika Space
A startup dedicated to making ~3 meter tall model rockets fly themselves using thurst-vector-control and AI.
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A package to create applications for macOS, Linux, and Windows using Node.js and pre-installed browsers.
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A suite of software and hardware designed to accelerate the protoyping and development of small robots.
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[object Object]
Was an alternative to StackOverflow that launched in 2021. It never reached V1.0 and is forever in the "project graveyard."
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Is a utility that modified Discord with custom plugins/themes and comfort features. It never reached public release.
The simplest yet most complex game engine designed to get me into game development with the assistance of SGPT-4, with a focus on 2-2.5D games.
killed since 2021
An attempted alternative to platforms like Mercari, with a goal to incentivize selling older items by lowering selling fees.
killed since 2019
may return to public
A machine-learning powered inventory management system (IMS) that worked hand-in-hand with advanced robotics to organize, retrieve, and return items quickly and efficently to a "warehouse" / shelf / etc.
used by several companies
may return to public
A fully managed smarthome "operating system" that connects multiple technologies together into one central or multiple tablet-like devices to unite the best of all smarthome products. It was used by 35 families across the United States to test, and was sunset after a loss of interest.
killed since 2021
forked by [NDA]
may return to public
Draw a Pumpkin
A contest that had Twitter users draw pixel art pumpkins for Halloween, in exchange for prizes. It never came to fruition because of my inability to secure sponsors for it.
killed since 2020
twitter contest